Public Housing

My name is Officer Aaron Shelton, Housing Officer for Fulton Public Housing. The police department along with the housing authority work closely together to provide safe and crime free neighborhoods. Friendly and diverse residents that are our partners in creating and maintaining good places to live populate our housing sites, like our city.   Officer Brandi Blankenship and Sgt Bill Ladwig assist me in serving the residents of our housing community.

Our duties consist of patrolling neighborhoods on foot and with by patrol car. Each of us enjoys visiting with residents and assisting them with their needs for police and community services. There is a strong sense of community in Fulton and in the housing neighborhoods where we patrol which helps to make our community a great place to be. Feel free to contact any of us with comments and questions at the police department.

You can reach us by calling our cell phones.

Officer Shelton
(573) 544-6359
Officer Blankenship
(573) 826-1232
Sergeant Ladwig
(573) 826-0219

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